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Providing life’s most meaningful moments with our Savannah Party & Wedding Tent Rentals services in Bluffton, Georgia and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years has been our purview.

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Why Choose Us?

We aim to provide you with beautiful products, expert advice, and to be your reliable partner, regardless of the type of event you are planning. You can rely on us.

Savannah Party Rentals’ selection of party rentals will make your event a hit. Parties for young and old can be planned with Savannah Party Rentals. Whether it’s a tent, a frame tent, a pole tent, a retractable tent, an event tent, drapery, chairs, tables, or linens, we’ve got it. Party rentals in Bluffton are our specialty.

Whether it is terms of color, size, or style of tent rentals, there are many options based on the type of event that will be held. You will find that several tent rental companies offer the service of setting up and breaking down the tent as well. It is likely that you will find, if you are looking for table rentals, that we can provide you with a complete package that suits the style and theme of your event. In order to coordinate your event with your chosen theme and color scheme, we provide a wide range of tablecloths and umbrellas in almost every color you can imagine!

In addition, we understand that seating for an event needs to be stylish and comfortable, which is why we offer both form and function when it comes to our chair rentals, from children’s chairs for younger guests to throne chairs for weddings.

If you need additional party rental ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We strive to make your guests remember your party for a long time as part of our party planning service.

Our Services

Party Tent Rental

An anniversary, birthday or other party is no small undertaking. You want the event to run smoothly, but there are so many details. With Savannah Tent and Party Rental, you’ll find everything needed to plan your event, including tents, dance floors, lighting, bar service, and more.

Event Tent Rental

Any event, no matter how big or small, needs essentials that impress, from stages and podiums to seating and bars. Savannah Tent and Party Rental can make your event a success regardless of whether you have a large gathering of speakers or a small one with only key employees or customers.

Wedding Tent Rental

A gorgeous backdrop is a must for any wedding – something that signals the importance of the occasion to all in attendance.And there is more to an outdoor wedding than just a tent, so we offer a range of supplemental event equipment. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching bar, an exciting dance floor, or excellent outdoor lighting, we’ve got you covered!

BBQ Tent Rental

You can make any backyard party an impressive, enjoyable event, no matter how many guests you invite. We will help you create the perfect setting and provide all the items you need for a successful party: tables, chairs, dinnerware, dance floors, outdoor lighting, and more.

About Bluffton, GA

Bluffton is a town in Clay County, Georgia, United States. As of the 2020 census, the city had a population of 113. The Royal Colony of Georgia was founded by adventurer, general, and philanthropist James Oglethorpe in 1732. In forming the Colony of Georgia, Oglethorpe set Georgia on an unusual path.